Life Changes at 65

65 years old is a milestone. A big one. It’s not the end of the journey, just a major fork in the road of your life. 65 became the official retirement age accepted by government, businesses and insurance companies for decades. Your life journey is different than everyone else. In 2017, you may be nowhere close to retiring. You might even be starting a new business. However, there are some decisions you must make that will affect your quality of life for as long as your journey lasts.

We believe you should get as much Medicare information as you can before making decisions about your healthcare at age 65 that you may not be able to change after your 65th birthday.

There are decisions you may have to make about retirement. You may have to make selections about 401ks, IRAs, or leaving your employer. Once you are 65, Medicare is your primary healthcare insurance for the rest of your life. Someone with enough money could probably opt out of it, but most people we know appreciate the lower premiums and fewer hassles that come with Medicare. You need to choose wisely what insurance you will use to make up for the gaps in Medicare that could leave you owing tens of thousands of dollars if you need medical care.

Here on this site you can learn about

  • Medicare
  • Medicare Supplements (formerly Medigap policies)
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Medicare Drug Plans

We offer all of these solutions to supplement your Medicare. We want you to have knowledge to understand what each option offers and lacks. We will help you decide and stay on top of changes to keep you informed.

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