You need to get an SR-22 form filed with the state “when a judge orders you get an SR-22”. It’s is basically a certificate that your insurance company keeps on file and files with the DMV or the court. You get a copy too.

Why do you need an SR 22?

According to the California DMV, a court will require you to get an SR-22 in these circumstances:
1. You have any safety responsibility suspensions. For example, if you were an uninsured driver and were involved in an accident in the past but did not pay the requisite compensation.
2. You have any unsatisfied judgment suspensions. For example, if you, as a driver were involved in an accident in the past and then you had an unsatisfactory judgment entered against you.
3. You have a restricted license.
4. You have had your license revocated. I prefer the word “revoked”.
5. You are convicted of DUI

Monson Insurance can get your SR22 filed. It’s pretty much a proof of financial responsibility allowing you to drive legally again. If you cancel your car insurance or fail to pay the premium resulting in the policy lapsing, the insurance company will let the DMV know and you will no longer be legal to drive. Don’t stress about your SR-22. It may cost you a filing fee, but it will let you drive legally. Once your driving record is clean again (about 3 years) your SR-22 will no longer be required. At that time, as a broker representing you to many companies, we will then find you a company with quality coverage at a competitive price.
Get auto insurance for your unique situation including SR 22 filing. Just call Ed Monson at Monson Insurance now