When you’re in high school, being a senior is “cool”.  When you get that AARP card in the mail – unless you like discounts – it’s probably not that cool.  Well maybe it’s cool to you, but in my practice many of my customers aren’t excited to be labeled “seniors” which is short for “senior citizen”, a term they shy away from.

Regardless of how you fell about being “of retirement age”, there are some important financial decisions to make at that time.  Hopefully some of the decisions you made earlier in life – like contributing to a retirement plan – are paying off for you now.  There are lots of good things about being a senior.

When our clients look at plans for seniors, they might be looking a “Final Expense Life Insurance” or maybe rolling over a 401k plan to create a lifetime income.  Almost everyone in the “senior class” has to make a decision about healthcare vis-à-vis Medicare.

Please ask us any questions you have about any financial decision or situation facing you as you are at or get closer to retirement.  The main focus of the Monson Insurance Brokerage since the year 2000 has been helping seniors with every kind of protection and insurance available.

We don’t harass you on the phone and we don’t overflow your email inbox.  You can reach a real person – Ed Monson – virtually any time of the day or night and I don’t mind taking your call or answering questions.  Read some of our success stories to see the type of services (and the customer service) we offer.

Click around the website and see if the answer to your question is not here, free, with no further obligation.  And when you are ready to talk to a real person, we’re here… by voice call, text or email.