Changed from Captive Insurance Agent To A Broker

Our story begins with new client to our brokerage. It's a couple with 3 cars and full coverage on two of them and liability on the third. They have been with their captive agent for almost 10 years and never questioned the cost of insurance they were paying. The captive insurance agent can only sell for one company.  It's a company that uses a log that would make you think they are the hero of our story.  Read on...

Normal Business Hours from the 1960s

The hero of our story, we'll call him Alex, is a very busy man. He has homeowner’s insurance and three cars insured through the company that uses a "shield" as their symbol. It's Friday at 1:05pm and our hero has a few minute to ask about the renewal notice he just got from the company. He calls his agent's office and gets a recording saying he has not called during "normal business hours". He has an option to leave a message. This is not the first time Alex has had the experience. He knows he can call the big company’s call center, but he'll have to Google it. Lucky for him, his search takes him to us!

Hometown Insurance Agent Takes Calls 24/7

Our hero reaches us on a Friday afternoon and by Saturday, after some analysis, we have saved him $500 on his annual car insurance cost. He now has a "partner" in his life he can count one to be there for him. His coverage is actually better, and if we find a better company with lower premiums, we will contact him.

Next Stop.. Homeowners Insurance Savings

OK, we are too excited to share this story of car insurance savings in Fresno. We haven't yet, finished quoting Alex's home policy because his wife has about $50,000 worth of jewelry. On a homeowner’s policy you have to get each piece of jewelry appraised to get it covered for the actual value. Otherwise, there is a set maximum in the standard home policy that won't cover all of Alex's wife's jewelry. In fact, if each piece is coverage for only $3,500 as it is in some Homeowner's policies, Alex and his wife would lose over $17,000 on her wedding ring alone! Don’t worry if you’ve got bling, we'll tell you how to get your jewelry appraised and how to schedule your pieces with your independent insurance broker so the insurance company covers your jewelry if it gets destroyed, stolen, or (sigh) misplaced. Chances are good that Alex will save money on his homeowner's policy when we get his appraisals. His Fresno home will then get him the multi-policy, home-car discount with the company he is with through us. Their symbol is an umbrella.

Google And A Cell Phone Made Alex A Hero

What did Alex do to be the hero of this story? He searched for insurance or something relevant on Google and simply dialed the phone, or probably touched the link on his cell phone screen, to reach us. We're not the heroes here. What we did for Alex we can do for anyone. Do we have other clients that don't move all their business to us? Yes! If we can't save you money or improve your coverage, we advise you to stay put, but keep us in your contacts. Because whether you are with us or not, you will always be able to reach a Real Person... Always. We are not afraid to answer questions or give information. At Monson Insurance we compare your needs to many different companies and work with you to find what is right or affordable or both! Because being captive sounds so constraining.