Auto Insurance Reality

A recent study of 2,000 people by Policy Genius found that only 50% of Americans know what a deductible is. It states: “…when it comes to actually knowing the four most basic insurance terms, there is no contest: only 36% of Millennial respondents answer correctly, compared to 47% of Baby Boomers.” Only 50% KNOW what a deductible is.

NOT One Size Fits All

When your parents taught you to drive, they probably made sure you looked over your back shoulder when changing lanes. You were instructed to allow a proper following distance. Of course, you always buckle up. However, once you’re out there on your own with your own car, you need insurance. Is it best to just get what your parents had? No! Is there a reason for car insurance has so many parts? Yes! Can you be fully covered based on your family and financial situation and still save money? Yes! What if you only carry the state required minimum insurance? What ARE the state minimums? And of course, what is a deductible?

Why Am I required To Get Insurance?

You may have been driving for many years or you many have just bought your own car and need to get your own insurance. It is the law, you must have insurance to drive a car on public roadways. If you have a loan on your car the lender definitely requires you cover the car they co-own with you. They require you get full coverage so the car will be paid off if it gets totaled.

​Talk To A Real Person

You now have a friend in the insurance business. We shop over thirty insurance companies to find the right fit for you. We will service the policy and treat you like our friends and family when you need it. Our mission is to serve individuals and families in the Western United States and we promised, when you need us, you will reach a Real Person… Always!