Many car insurance policies sold in California will cover you in the United States and Canada, but did you know you are never covered in Mexico? This is the case even though California has a border with Mexico and not with Canada. So, only a few miles, yards, or inches into Mexico with your car and you are NOT covered, unless you have Mexico Insurance.

My insurance brokerage offers many options for Mexico Insurance as they call it. You can buy policies or endorsements that will cover you when you take your car into Mexico. You can choose coverage for just a short trip to a specific geographic area or for the whole country! You can choose coverage for a short period of time or the whole term of your car insurance policy.

As an insurance broker in Fresno, California, Mexico Insurance is an important offering. I can help you look at all the options available and pick the right insurance to cover you while you drive in Mexico. Call for details, or send a Facebook message. We’ll get you coverage for driving in Mexico.