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You need to get an SR-22 form filed with the state “when a judge orders you get an SR-22”. It’s is basically a certificate that your insurance company keeps on file and files with the DMV or the court. You get a copy too.

Why do you need an SR 22?

According to the California DMV, a court will require you to get an SR-22 in these circumstances:
1. You have any safety responsibility suspensions. For example, if you were an uninsured driver and were involved in an accident in the past but did not pay the requisite compensation.
2. You have any unsatisfied judgment suspensions. For example, if you, as a driver were involved in an accident in the past and then you had an unsatisfactory judgment entered against you.
3. You have a restricted license.
4. You have had your license revocated. I prefer the word “revoked”.
5. You are convicted of DUI

Monson Insurance can get your SR22 filed. It’s pretty much a proof of financial responsibility allowing you to drive legally again. If you cancel your car insurance or fail to pay the premium resulting in the policy lapsing, the insurance company will let the DMV know and you will no longer be legal to drive. Don’t stress about your SR-22. It may cost you a filing fee, but it will let you drive legally. Once your driving record is clean again (about 3 years) your SR-22 will no longer be required. At that time, as a broker representing you to many companies, we will then find you a company with quality coverage at a competitive price.
Get auto insurance for your unique situation including SR 22 filing. Just call Ed Monson at Monson Insurance now


What is Car Insurance?

It’s not fun! Most people think of insurance as paying for their car if it gets in an accident. They think of the money they pay every month. They are required to have car insurance if they want to drive a car. Why is this? You don’t have to buy auto insurance! You have other options. The State of California will let you drive without auto insurance if you can prove you have enough money in the bank if to pay for damaging or killing other people or their cars while we all share the road. You may not be able to do that, so you need to buy auto insurance. Did you notice we haven’t even talked about your car yet?

State Required Minimum Auto Insurance

You have to have insurance (or other evidence of financial responsibility) to drive on public roads. The coverage you must have is:
Bodily Injury – Insurance that pays when you are at fault for injuring others. This coverage is to pay for medical expenses of other people. It is quoted using two numbers:

15/30 – “Down & Dirty”

What is 15/30 coverage? It is $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident.
So, if by driving your car you cause another person to have $60,000 in medical bills, how much will your insurance pay them at minimum coverage? Did you say $15,000? Right!

What if you cause bodily injury to 4 people in another car and the total is $100,000 in damages? At state required minimum limits of liability, your insurance will pay a maximum of $30,000, but no more than $15,000 to one person.
Is that it?

Nope. The other part of Liability Coverage is what your insurance will pay for property damage you cause. The state minimum property damage is $5,000. So if you damage a $25,000 car or a house […]


What do you mean “A Real Person, Always”?

When you want to talk to someone with expertise in the insurance business, you want to talk to them now, right? Wading through endless menus on a telephone answering system or entering all of your personal information on a web page form just to get a quote can be frustrating. We believe in person-to-person contact and transparent, fully disclosed questions and answers. You can talk to someone here immediately or very shortly after you call text or email. We are licensed insurance professionals with only one goal. Giving you the answers you need to get protection right now. We want lifelong clients who send us pictures from their vacation and stay in touch at the holidays.

You may not want “A Real Person”. If you are happy to do your own work using our online tools, we are further dedicated to getting you the insurance coverage you need as soon as possible. We’re not afraid of automation. However, guess who will be here when you have a question or need to file a claim? You guessed it, “A Real Person”!



Many car insurance policies sold in California will cover you in the United States and Canada, but did you know you are never covered in Mexico? This is the case even though California has a border with Mexico and not with Canada. So, only a few miles, yards, or inches into Mexico with your car and you are NOT covered, unless you have Mexico Insurance.

My insurance brokerage offers many options for Mexico Insurance as they call it. You can buy policies or endorsements that will cover you when you take your car into Mexico. You can choose coverage for just a short trip to a specific geographic area or for the whole country! You can choose coverage for a short period of time or the whole term of your car insurance policy.

As an insurance broker in Fresno, California, Mexico Insurance is an important offering. I can help you look at all the options available and pick the right insurance to cover you while you drive in Mexico. Call for details, or send a Facebook message. We’ll get you coverage for driving in Mexico.



Previously I wrote about the state required minimum liability insurance. That’s the insurance that pays the other people you hurt when you cause an accident. What pays to repair your car when you cause an accident? That would be what is referred to as “full coverage”. There are two main parts to this:

COLLISION: This is when you cause a collision with another car, or something like a light post or a building; although usually we’re talking about a car. This coverage pays to restore your car to the condition it was in when you crashed it. In order to make this coverage affordable – especially when your car is worth $45,000 – you can choose a deductible. This is the amount you will pay before the insurance pays to repair or restore your car. The higher your deductible – your share of repair costs – the lower your monthly bill for insurance.

COMPREHENSIVE: This coverage – as the name implies – is supposed to cover every other way you can get damage to your car. Examples are: Tree falls on your car, Flooding, Hail, Sandstorm and even a COLLISION with a deer or other animal. Yes, that would be comprehensive. Comprehensive can also cover your windshield or theft of your car or items in it. Many people choose a lower deductible on this coverage because what causes the damage is something they couldn’t control or plan for, like a rock hitting the windshield. Another reason people often take a lower deductible for comprehensive coverage is that people feel this type of damage is more likely. However, the lower your deductibles, the higher your monthly insurance bill will be.

You decide for yourself how much of these losses you can cover yourself. Typically, people pick $500/$500 deductibles, but some people choose $250 comprehensive […]


Minimum State Requirements

Auto Insurance Reality

A recent study of 2,000 people by Policy Genius found that only 50% of Americans know what a deductible is. It states: “…when it comes to actually knowing the four most basic insurance terms, there is no contest: only 36% of Millennial respondents answer correctly, compared to 47% of Baby Boomers.” Only 50% KNOW what a deductible is.

NOT One Size Fits All

When your parents taught you to drive, they probably made sure you looked over your back shoulder when changing lanes. You were instructed to allow a proper following distance. Of course, you always buckle up. However, once you’re out there on your own with your own car, you need insurance. Is it best to just get what your parents had? No! Is there a reason for car insurance has so many parts? Yes! Can you be fully covered based on your family and financial situation and still save money? Yes! What if you only carry the state required minimum insurance? What ARE the state minimums? And of course, what is a deductible?

Why Am I required To Get Insurance?

You may have been driving for many years or you many have just bought your own car and need to get your own insurance. It is the law, you must have insurance to drive a car on public roadways. If you have a loan on your car the lender definitely requires you cover the car they co-own with you. They require you get full coverage so the car will be paid off if it gets totaled.

​Talk To A Real Person

You now have a friend in the insurance business. We shop over thirty insurance companies to find the right fit for you. We will service the policy and treat you like our friends and family when you need it. Our mission is to serve individuals and families in the Western United States and we promised, when you need us, you will reach a Real Person… Always!