Who We Are

We serve individuals in most US States with personal assistance for their insurance needs. Our journey started in the Rocky Mountains in 1981.   Ed Monson, the son of an independent insurance agent from Fresno California needed a job when his broadcasting career came to an abrupt halt.

Over the decades the insurance world has changed in many ways. We cold called from the phone book.  We used bulky insurance rate books, multi-copy forms and carbon paper. We sat at our customer’s kitchen tables after driving hundreds of miles to be with them.   Ed learned to help families and helped them discover where they needed protection and how protect themselves using insurance.  MonsonInsurance.com and the Real People at Monson Insurance are your personal solution to the problem of finding the right protection for you at a price that makes sense and fits into your budget.

From offices in Fresno, California, we use the latest technology and one-on-one direct personal assistance any time of the of the day or night to bring that personal connection back to your insurance shopping needs. When you need customer service, we will be there for you 24/7 as well. If you want an informed expert to guide your decision we’re here. If you want a self-service insurance, we can do that too. Get your PhD in personal insurance on this site. Our clients are scattered throughout the western United States and we welcome those for anywhere in the U.S. It may be the “World Wide Web”, and you might be anywhere in the United States, but you now have your own connection to insurance experts at Monson Insurance, where you will be able to reach a Real Person… Always.


California Insurance License Number 0B70373

Idaho State Insurance License Number 620335

Montana State Insurance License Number 3000110763

Nevada State Insurance License Number 3225655

Oregon State Insurance License Number 2634705

Utah State Insurance License Number 620299

Washington State Insurance License Number 949908