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This website is your easy way to get insurance for your car, your home, your health, and your life. Have you put off insurance because it’s confusing or too difficult to understand? Maybe you don’t want to wade through long corporate phone menus. Working with us you will get all the attention you need. We will shop many companies to find exactly what you need to protect what’s important to you.

We shop for you.

When you get insurance through a broker like us, we are real people who will be here for you whenever you need us. You pick from the strongest companies. You get insurance protection customized to your life. If you don’t want to talk to a real person, that’s OK too. We have the technology. You may be turning 65 years old and your mailbox is over stuffed! Medicare Insurance companies are making offers too-good-to-believe. It’s confusing, with terms you’ve never had to know before now. Relax, we are happy to take the time to explain every option available to you when it’s time to choose a Medicare plan.

Life insurance decisions aren’t always as easy as they seem.

We make it easy without the old-fashioned visit to your house and kitchen table. Although, we’re happy to stop by if you want. What’s for dinner? JK! We’ve been helping people in states west of the Rockies since 1981. Over time we’ve met some great people, our long-term customers. We still believe the best solution is the one that fits you best.

You don’t want to think about insurance. We get it! Let us handle it for you.

We’ll be here any time, whenever you need us. You buy insurance for what you don’t expect to happen. You can expect us to be there for you when the unexpected happens.

… Ed Monson, Broker, General Agent, Real Person


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The K family in Kingsburg

We didn’t know what to do when our mom in her eighties took out a reverse mortgage just to fix the roof on her tiny house.  Ed Monson used the cash she had left over to purchase and annuity that generated $8,500 per year to pay premiums on life insurance.  He worked with us for two years getting a life insurance policy on mom that paid out enough to repay the reverse mortgage.  Our family, working with Monson Insurance, got affordable high quality, Medicare insurance for mom and a small annuity that grew to enough to pay the interest that accumulated on the reverse mortgage.  We miss mom, but we have the family home with all its memories.  Thanks Ed.

The K family in Kingsburg

V, Fresno

Ed Monson saved me money on my car insurance and didn’t sell me anything.  He gave me solid advice and real education on how car insurance works.  I’m coming back when I buy a house and when I get married.  I trust Ed.

V, Fresno

WV – Fresno

As a man in my 20’s, it was hard to get good car insurance I could afford until I asked Ed Monson. He found a policy that covers my needs and explained every single part of it. Plus, I saved over $20 a month. Monson Insurance FTW!

WV - Fresno

Roy Y – Tulare, CA

When I lost my wife I was drifting and felt alone.  One day I knew I needed better health coverage so I contacted Monson Insurance in Fresno.  Ed showed me all my options and I settled on a Medicare Supplement through Health Net.  Over the years I feel my medical care has been top notch and I get to pick any doctor I want.  It’s been great getting to know Ed Monson.  One day I gave a an egg from my turkey to take home and he posted pictures on the internet of the omelet he made from it.  Great service, great company and not a half-bad omelet maker judging by the pictures.

Roy Y – Tulare, CA

E & B – Chowchilla

We have had some serious medical issues in our family.  We met Ed Monson when he was with Mutual of Omaha in the early 2000’s.  Over the years we have gotten great advice and unbelievable help from Ed Monson.  Due to cost we shifted to a Medicare advantage plan away from the Medicare Supplement.  It was a disaster for us.  We weren’t getting the healthcare we needed and our prescription coverage was too unpredictable and costly it turned out.  Ed at Monson Insurance was still there for us.   He got us back on the Medicare Supplement Plan we loved and continues to find just the right prescription plan for our needs.  We give him walnuts every year from our back yard and he brings us baked goods with walnuts in them.  Not good for our diabetes Ed!

E & B - Chowchilla


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